Amy J Greving Artist

The nature of life is change, a slice of time which is unique from the moment I capture it. I try and stay tuned into the presence of each moment, so I am able to see the beauty that surrounds me. Even though beauty is subjective, it is something I recognize unmistakably and immediately. Beauty has the ability to inspire me. What is the purpose of art if not to inspire and conjure emotions and ideas whatever they may be? From a single photograph, a single vision or impression my art charts its own course to canvas and sculpture. I hope to help those who view my art to feel connected to nature. Perhaps it will not always be obvious, but my goal is to have the viewer see in a new way and feel a new appreciation for what is around us.

Abstract Painting

Gallery Presentation

Commissioned Art

Art for Home

Art for Business


Sculptural Design

Functional Design

Season's Beauty

48" x 48"


Dance of the Trees

15" x 30"


Color at Sunset

24" x 30"


The Dance

24" x 30"


What Lies Beneath

12" x 30"


In Bloom

48" x 48"


Finding Home

72" x 36"



15" x 30"


Silent Crash

48" x 30"


Concrete Glow Bowls

4" - $50.00

6" - $60.00

8" - $75.00

10" - $90.00

End Table


End Table



$45.00 - $95.00


Amy J Greving